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18.10.1969 – 19.11.2017

We are remembering our darling Duncan Gilbert / Doran George who was born into an ordinary family but grew into an extraordinary person and lived an amazing and fulfilling life. Words can never express the cumulative sense of shock and devastating loss felt by so many people at his untimely death but photographs can bring some comfort. Through this wesbite we want to collect as many images as we can from different periods of his life.

From early on he was vibrant, exciting, challenging and fun to be with; he was innovative, and became a deep and clever thinker, also fighting against and trying to break down many boundaries. In his short life Duncan / Doran touched the lives of so many people in very many ways. He had a myriad of persona and meant something different to everyone; in school, college, university and his constantly developing art and performance work, he gathered dear friends and colleagues from across the world, who along with his loving wider family, will hold unique memories of him.

We would like to offer an opportunity for people to share some of those images, captured in photographs from the early and the more recent years, the happy ones, the sad ones, the crazy ones, the hundreds of different hairstyles.

So please join us in remembering our loveable, darling enigma, Duncan / Doran by uploading your photographs on to this website where we can all view them. No doubt there will be tears, but we hope also smiles from this chance to see some of the countless facets of the life of our dearest, most terribly missed son, partner, brother, cousin and warmest of friends.

Ann Gilbert




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